Inspiration for a JBI design comes from many aspects of life: nature, historical buildings, contemporary structures as well as fashion and furniture both past and present. A constant goal for the firm is to work closely with each client, ensuring their interiors are representative of the owner’s use of the space and lifestyle.

Ms. Bilotti expresses her design in various genres. When it comes to creating beautiful and elegant interiors, Janet Bilotti leaves nothing to chance. Taking a bold approach to establish design concepts, Bilotti strives to create timeless, livable interior spaces. Attention is paid to every detail.

“A design’s concepts, space plans, sustainable qualities, construction, and finish qualities are all orchestrated so that the interior is more than just the sum of its parts” she says.

Ms. Bilotti believes a great home should revolve around a client’s lifestyle and family and should continue to delight them and be a reflection of their unique personalities. An enduring goal is not to have a distinctive style, but to understand her clients’ needs and preferences and help make their interiors better, one that is their own home.

Janet Bilotti - Interior Designer in Naples, Florida